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$100    Mona and Borge Pederson Ticket # 38 Sold by Kathy Herrold 
$100    Trevor Tinney    Ticket # 363  Sold by Rob Pope
$100    Abby & Kiera Pearson    Ticket # 35   Sold by Kathy Herrold
$200    Sandie Tully    Ticket # 313  Sold by Ken Tully
$300    Art Nelson    Ticket # 423  Sold by Tom Holmes
$500    Jayne Swanwick    Ticket # 146  Sold by Arnold Westlake
$2,000  Paul Williams    Ticket # 447  Sold by Rob Pope

$100 Kelly Howson Ticket # 185 sold by Bob Fudge
$100 Heather Walker Ticket # 134 sold by Arlene Whidden
$100 Sheila Holmes Ticket # 93 sold by Paul Stewart
$200 Tom Holmes Ticket # 87 sold by Tom Holmes
$300 Karen Deziel Ticket # 282 sold by Kathy Herrold
$500 Barry Vail Ticket #333 sold by Kimberly Hulsman
$2,000 Steve Blakey Ticket # 184 sold by Bob Fudge

Winners for the July Trip of the Month draw:
$100 -- Heather Walker, ticket 134, sold by Arlene Whidden
$100 -- Connie Quinn, ticket 466, sold by Kathy Herrold
$100 -- Dave and Jean Sharp, ticket 13, sold by Dave Sharp 
$200 -- Dianne and Joe Mechetuk, ticket 272, sold by Jim Reavell
$300 -- Gordon Allanson, ticket 90, sold by Tom Holmes
$500 -- Peter Locke, ticket 148, sold by Arnold Westlake
$2,000 -- John and Dianne Pettey, ticket 34, sold by Kathy Herrold
Congratulations to the Trip of the Month winners for June 2020.
$100         Paul Williams       Ticket 447 sold by Rob Pope    
$100         Bob Connor          Ticket 490 sold by Andy Hornsby
$100         Carly Chamberlain Ticket 471 sold by Art Chamberlain
$200         Steve Stapley        Ticket 264 sold by Jim Reavell
$300         Karen Russell        Ticket 307 sold by John Russell
$500        Fred & Laura Ingram   Ticket 412 sold by Tom Holmes
$2000      Connie Phillips     Ticket 422 sold by Tom Holmes
Congratulations to the Trip of the Month winners for May. 
$100 -- Ina MacDonald, ticket 492, sold by Bob Connor
$100 -- Christa Lausen, ticket 19, sold by Kathy Herrold
$100 -- Kevin Rank, ticket 390, sold by Scott Drummond
$200 -- Leif Jorgenson, ticket 47, sold by Kathy Herrold
$300 -- Sandra Seeley, ticket 166, sold by Wally Brown
$500 -- Rick English, ticket 316, sold by Ken Tully
$2,000 -- Sharon Davidson, ticket 332, sold by Kim Hulsman
Congrats to the winners this month.
$100 -- Bruce and Chantel Stapley, ticket 268, sold by Jim Reavell
$100 -- Bill Watkin, ticket 72, sold by Paul Stewart
$100 -- John and Carol Anne Stapley, ticket 262, sold by Jim Reavell
$200 -- Emily Pomeroy, ticket 392, sold by Steve Sharpe
$300 -- Sandra Macmillan, ticket 487, sold by Kathy Herrold
$500 -- Bill Watkin, ticket 72, sold by Paul Stewart
$2,000 -- Eric and Amanda Dudley, ticket 230, sold by Cathy Beamish
Trip of the Month ticket winners for March were selected today. Congratulations to the winners:
$100 ticket 310, Mike Helferty, sold by Kathy Herrold
$100 -- 141, Maria Herrington, sold by Bob Connor
$100 -- 378, Don Dunham, sold by Ron Peters
$200 -- 232, Hank Hagen, sold by Dave Carlaw
$300 -- 359, Alicia Pettey, sold by Rob Pope
$500 -- 194, Tom Adley, sold by Cathy Beamish
$2,000 -- 182 -- Rob Milligan, sold by Bob Fudge
Trip of the Month winners for February were drawn at Monday's meeting
Past President Cathy Beamish helped Past President Wally Brown by selecting the winning numbers:
$100 – Paul Cudmore, sold by Kathy Herrold, ticket 277
$100 -- Arif Popatia, sold by Paul Stewart, ticket 128
$100 – BMR Manufacturing Staff, sold by Jim Reavell, ticket 261
$200 – Bob Connor, sold by Bob Connor, ticket 488
$300 – Gloria Heigh, sold by Bob Connor, ticket 491
$500 – Mike Heffernan, sold by Tom Holmes, ticket 500
$2,000 – Shawn and Debra Wilkes sold by Cathy Beamish, ticket 199
Our Trip of the Month Draw has sold out again. Thanks to everyone who bought one of the 500 tickets.
Congratulations to the winners of the first draw of the year:

$100 -- Steven Glover, ticket 484, sold by Martha Murphy
$100 -- Dean Pettey, ticket 360, sold by Rob Pope
$100 -- Wally Brown, ticket 167, sold by Wally Brown
$200 -- Eric and Amanda Dudley, ticket 230, sold by Cathy Beamish
$300 -- Gary and Angela Sharp, ticket 11, sold by Dave Sharp
$500 -- June Goacher, ticket 446, sold by Rob Pope
$2,000 -- Maureen O'Connor, ticket 324, sold by Kimberly Hulsman.
During our Christmas party on Monday we selected the winning numbers for our final Trip of the Month draw for 2019.
Tickets are now on sale for our 2020 draws. Just $150 gets you 84 chances to win. Tickets available at Sharpe's Food Market, Beamish Carpets or from any Rotarian.

The winners for December:

$100 -- Michelle Meir, ticket 261, sold by Kathy Herrold
$100 -- Mary Lang, ticket 198, sold by John Gabriel
$100 -- Wayne Mathews, ticket 383, sold by Paul Stewart
$200 -- Peter Kristenson, ticket 252, sold by Kathy Herrold
$300 -- Melissa and Dan Booth, ticket 403, sold by Rob Pope
$500 -- Fred Campbell, ticket 326, sold by Paul Stewart
$2,000 -- Brenda Lamey, ticket 130, sold by Cathy Beamish
Club members were joined by the Campbellford Rebels on Saturday during the Campbellford Santa Claus Parade to spread some joy and gather food for the food bank. Great job by one and all and thanks to everyone who donated. 
Trip of the Month winners for November were selected during our meeting today. Don't forget that tickets for 2020 are now on sale. Just message us, or ask any Rotary club member.
The November winners are:
* $100, ticket 488, Jerry Theofylatos, sold by Paul Stewart
* $100, ticket 200, Angela Sharp, sold by Dave Sharp
* $100, ticket 239, Jack Maynes, sold by Kathy Herrold
* $200. ticket 367, Murray Child, sold by Paul Stewart
* $300, ticket 90, Tony and Margaret Audey, sold by Cathy Beamish
* $500, ticket 2, Jenny Sutherland, sold by Andy Hornsby
* $2,000, ticket 69, Marg Wilkes, sold by Cathy Beamish
The results of the Trip of the Month draw held during our meeting on Monday:
$100 – Bob and Glenda Fudge, ticket 63, sold by Bob Fudge
$100 – Marilyn Belanger, ticket 68, sold by Bob Fudge
$100 – Joanne Simpkin, ticket 58, sold by Wally Brown
$200 – Steve and Carol Anne Stapley, ticket 187, sold by Jim Reavell
$300 – Ali Stewart, ticket 332, sold by Paul Stewart
$500 – Calvin Newman, ticket 379, sold by Paul Stewart
$2,000 – Bev Hutchinson, ticket 421, sold by Ron Peters
Tickets for the 2020 draw are now on sale.
Former club treasurer Bryan Pomery received a Paul Harris Fellow award during our executive meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 16. Director Rob Pope said Bryan took on an arduous task of bringing organization to our financial reporting and did an excellent job. 
Winners of the Trip of the Month draw for September were chosen today by Past President Jim Reavell and Past President Wally Brown:

$100 -- Jim and Judith Youmans, ticket 286, sold by Wally Brown
$100 – Frank Spahich, ticket 434, sold by Steve Sharpe
$100 – Barbara Dyson, ticket 457, sold by Tom Holmes
$200 – Sheila Holmes, ticket 496, sold by Paul Stewart
$300 – Cindy and Eric Dickinson, ticket 498, sold by Paul Stewart
$500 – Elaine Connor, ticket 27, sold by Bob Connor
$2,000 – Natural Enzymes, ticket 36, sold by Arlene Whidden
During today's lunch meeting, ShelterBox Canada ambassador Art Chamberlain (left) presented Rotary Club of Campbellford President Tom Dafoe with a Bronze Hero award for donating more than $1,200 to ShelterBox during 2018-19. 
ShelterBox is an international partner of Rotary that provides tents, tarps, water filters and other important material to families who have been forced out of their homes due to disasters or other events. 
Winning tickets for the Rotary Club of Campbellford’s Trip of the Month draw in August were selected today by past-president Marion Fennell. The winners are:
$100 – Denny and Nancy Collins, ticket 185, sold by Jim Reavell
$100 – Tom Gabriel, ticket 197, sold by John Gabriel
$100 – Darlene Porter, ticket 435, sold by Steve Sharpe
$200 – John MacAlpine, ticket 142, sold by Rob Pope
$300 – Jack Locke, ticket 272, sold by John Russell
$500 – Brenda Lamey, ticket 130, sold by Cathy Beamish
$2,000 – Paul Smith, ticket 321, sold by Wallace Brown
We made a $750 donation to the Ah! Arts and Heritage Centre in Warkworth to help them expand their school program this year. President Tom Dafoe presented the cheque at Monday's meeting
$100 – Dave and Sandra Dudley, ticket 98, sold by Cathy Beamish
$100 – Bill Reid, ticket 351, sold by Paul Stewart
$100 – Marilyn Pollock, ticket 289, sold by Ken Tully
$200 – Jane Haig, ticket 378, sold by Paul Stewart
$300 – Donna Merton, ticket 484, sold by Donna Merton
$500 – Patty Toms, ticket 6, sold by Andy Hornsby
$2,000 – Maria Herrington, ticket 14, sold by Andy Hornsby
We had a great presentation at lunch on Monday, July 22 by Christina Pettey, now a French teacher at Campbellford District High School, about her year as a Rotary exchange student in France and how it impacted her life. Lots of fun anecdotes and advice for students and host families
In the photo she's wearing the pin-laden jacket that she had during her 1998-99 exchange. 
Congrats to the winners in the Rotary Club of Campbellford's Trip of the Month draw for June 2019.
$100 -- John Russell ticket 392 sold by John Russell
$100 -- Bill Van Huizen, ticket 348 sold by Paul Stewart
$100 -- David Stewart Jr., ticket 330, sold by Paul Stewart
$200 -- Carrie Stapley, ticket 404, sold by Rob Pope
$300 -- Victoria Stewart, ticket 335, sold by Paul Stewart
$500 -- Marg Curle, ticket 83, sold by Cathy Beamish
$2,000 -- Jenny Hirst, ticket 225, sold by Kathy Herrold.
At our changeover dinner meeting on Monday, June 17 Director Rob Pope presented Past-President George McCleary with a Paul Harris Fellow award in recognition of the contributions he has made to the Rotary club and to our community. Paul Stewart and Past-President John Russell also received Harris fellow awards that evening. 
The club also donated $2,500 to the Campbellford Memorial Hospital Foundation toward the purchase of an insulin pump, matching $2,500 donated by individual members. 
Congrats to the May Trip of the Month winners chosen at today's lunch meeting. 

$100 -- Ticket 314, Marion Fennell, sold by Marion
$100 -- Ticket 180, Wm. J. Thompson, sold by Jim Reavell
$100 -- Ticket 245, Shirley Poole, sold by Kathy Herrold
$200 -- Ticket 44, Dave Locke, sold by Arnold Westlake
$300 -- Ticket 170, Neil Burgess, sold by Garry Holmes
$500 -- Ticket 34, Natural Enzymes, sold by Arlene Whidden
$2,000 -- Ticket 226, April Phillips, sold by Kathy Herrold

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